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What is your "vision" for 20/20


Adult ocular health and vision assessment


A complete ocular health and vision assessment includes all of the following:


  • measurement of visual acuity (for example 20/20);
  • measurement of refractive error (for example far-sightedness, near- sightedness, astigmatism);
  • determination of the alignment of the eyes;
  • determination of the way the eyes adjust focus from distance to near;
  • examination of the eyes for any disease or abnormalities;
  • a diagnosis from the results of the examination;
  • recommendations for any treatment required, which may include referral to another health care provider;
  • provision of a prescription or treatment plan for vision correction if required; and
  • any counseling or advice that is necessary, including need for future vision care.


Along with these essential elements of an eye examination the doctors at Huron Optometric Centres  will often recommend additional imaging of the ocular structures with OCT or digital photography.  This allows an even more thorough examination and the earliest detection of ocular disease.




Children ocular health and vision assessment


It has been determined that 80% of a child's learning is visual.   It is very important for children to have their eyes examined to determine if there is any problems with vision, binocular vision or ocular health.  The Ontario Association of Optometrists recommends that all children have an eye examination at the age of six months, before they begin school and then every 12- 24 months as recommended by an optometrist.  Children's examinations are modified to suite the age of the child.  Children do not need to know how to read or recognize letters to have an exam.  Objective measurements to determine refractive error and binocular alignment can be readily performed on infants under one year of age.  Children under the age of 20 years are always covered by OHIP for their examinations

Eye See.... Eye Learn Program


The Eye See…Eye Learn® program provides comprehensive eye exams by local Doctors of Optometry to junior kindergarten students in participating school regions. The eye exams are covered under provincial health insurance (or OHIP) when you show your child’s health card. This means that there is no out-of-pocket cost for the eye exam.   If the child requires a pair of glasses, they will receive a FREE pair donated by Nikon Lenswear, OGI and your participating Doctor of Optometry. The value of the glasses is estimated over $250.



Vision Therapy


Vision Therapy provides effective treatment for eye control and visual processing deficits.  Specific activities are performed over a period of time allowing the visual system to develop or acquire the necessary skills to function at optimum levels.


Depending on the case, the procedures are prescribed to:

o Help patients develop or improve fundamental visual skills and abilities

o Improve visual comfort, ease, and efficiency

o Change how a patient processes or interprets visual information


The Optometrist prescribes and supervises an individualized vision therapy program to fit the visual needs of each patient.  The one-hour, in-office vision therapy sessions are scheduled over a 25-50 week period.  Various vision skills are supplemented with procedures completed at home between the weekly office visits.


Optometric Vision Therapy programs utilize specific types of specialized equipment such as:

o Therapeutic lenses

o Prisms

o Filters

o Occluders or patches

o Electronic targets with timing mechanisms

o Balance boards, walking rails or trampolines


Four general areas of remediation are available:

1. Eye Control Issues (eye teaming and focusing)

2. Vision Related Learning Problems (compromised academic performance)

3. Amblyopia and Strabismus (lazy eye or crossed eyes)

4. Traumatic Brain Injury (post-trauma vision syndrome)


The first step in any Optometric Vision Therapy program is a comprehensive vision exam.  If your eye doctor diagnoses a vision problem that can be treated with a vision therapy program, you will be referred to our Clinton office for specialized testing.


To find out more about Vision Therapy please visit the College of Optometrists in Vision Development website.



Contact Lenses


The introduction of new materials and designs have made contact lenses an option for many of our patients.   Freedom from glasses can make many activities much more enjoyable.  It may be for sports, social events or full time wear.   Some people with more significant prescriptions will actually see better with contacts than spectacles.


If you are interested in wearing contact lenses the first step is a complete ocular health and vision assessment if it has not been performed recently.  After that we will discuss the best options for you and then "test drive" the lenses during a contact lens trial.   This trial will allow you to experience contact lens wear first hand and help you determine it it is really an option for you.  Also the doctor will perform tests after the trial which will confirm that you are a good candidate.    If the trial is successful the next step is to learn how to safely insert and remove the contact and how to maintain and care for the lenses.


Contact lenses may be worn on many different schedules including daily and monthly planned replacement.   There are contact lenses to correct astigmatism, and presbyopia ( bifocal contacts ).   With advances in contact lens design there are very few patient who could not be fit with contact lenses.


For your convenience we have the option to reorder your contact lenses on line through our website.   Just click here


Spectacle Therapy at Huron Optometric Centres


Eyeglasses are the most common and popular type of optical correction.  Glasses need to be practical, useful and affordable.  They are also a fashion statement reflecting your individual character and personality.

At Huron Optometric Centres, our goal is to meet your needs for great vision and also make you look good!



  • Service

    Our practice has a heritage of over 60 years of service in Huron County that continues to meet and exceed your expectations.   Our comprehensive eye-health and vision examinations give us a better insight into your unique requirements.  Our knowledgeable and local staff members are trained in lens technology and frame fashions to ensure our patients have access to the best and most appropriate products for their needs.


  • Quality

    As with most products, there can be a tremendous difference in the quality of materials.   At Huron Optometric Centres, we select high quality lenses and frames to ensure superior performance and durability.


  • Warranty

    Your satisfaction with your eyeglasses is our highest priority.  To that end, we have a comprehensive warranty coverage that includes:


  • Satisfaction

    The “satisfaction” warranty is our way of ensuring our patients “like their glasses”.  If a patient is not satisfied with their glasses after our best efforts to rectify their concerns, they have the option of either a full refund or we will remake the order in another frame of their choice.  This warranty will run for 30 days after the delivery of the original glasses.


  • Materials

    The comprehensive "materials" warranty covers your frame and lenses for an extended 2 year period against all manufacturing defects. This can be particularly valuable for children's eyewear.

  • On-site Optical Lab

    Our Goderich Office has an on-site optical laboratory capable of doing lens “finishing”.  This includes the final process for edging, tinting and mounting lenses into frames.  An on-site lab allows us to offer prompt service in preparing your glasses and is convenient for those patients wishing to use their current frame for their new lenses.

  • Costs

    You will find that the high-quality products provided at Huron Optometric Centres are competitively priced.  In fact, if you find the exact same frames and lenses for a lower price (and you bring us a bona fide quote for this within 30 days), we will refund you the difference in cost, plus give you a $20 coupon toward your next purchase in our office!!


  • Discounts

    We offer discounts for seniors, children, families, and multiple pairs.

Refractive Surgery Co-management



Refractive surgery may involve procedures with a Laser such as LASIK and PRK.   It may also involve implantable intraocular contact lenses, or refractive lens exchange,


Refractive surgery, to reduce dependency on spectacles and contact lenses, may be the correct choice for some patients.


Not everyone is a good candidate and only good candidates should consider the procedure.


At Huron Optometric Centres we are trained to co-manage refractive surgery  patients from the initial examination through to the follow up care.  As the primary eye care provider, your Optometrist is the best person to discuss your options. We work closely with the  surgeons to provide continuity between the surgeon and the primary eye care provider ( your Optometrist )


If you are interested in a refractive surgery procedure the best place to start is with a complete examination with your optometrist .